Peer Advocates are volunteer counselors who assist and pursue the best interests of his or her client. Peer Advocacy is a program of Being Alive San Diego whose mission is to delivery quality, compassionate services to people affected by HIV/AIDS, and to provide education and referral services to those in need.

Peer Counselors or Client Advocates are individuals who have been living with HIV or have been affected for a period of three years or more and are familiar with the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS, know the resources and services available in the community and know how to access them. Peer Counselors/Client Advocates are willing to share their experience, are empathetic, compassionate, provide useful information, emotional support, treatment/HIV education, camaraderie, referrals and much more.

The goal of peer advocacy is to encourage people with HIV to take charge of their lives and help direct people into dealing with those challenges more positively and effectively. The most powerful aspect of this program is that the counselors are all volunteers and are providing this service as a way of giving back some of the love and support they received when they needed it. It just seems to be easier to talk to someone who is also HIV+, someone you can relate to your situation and know there is not a hidden agenda. We look forward to your visits and hope you come back as often as you like, even if it is just to say "Hi."


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